What Is 24k Gold?

So, you’re looking at jewelry in a store or online and wondering what it means when you see a K next to numbers on things like gold.

It’s a completely natural thing for us to want to know what everything means, particularly when it comes to handing over some hard-earned money – in this case, quite a bit of it!

In this guide, we will be exploring what 24k gold is, what it means, and other helpful tips that you might be wondering about.

What Is 24k Gold

What Is 24K Gold?

When someone is looking at jewelry, they automatically turn their head to gold (unless they’re allergic). This is normally the metal of choice due to its sheer beauty and connotations.

Gold is characterized by a system known as karats. Karats denote how pure the gold is based on the overall content of gold per 24 parts.

A common item of gold jewelry will typically be 14k, and this means simply that there are 14 parts of pure gold, whereas the other 10 will be made up of other metals and alloys including nickel and copper.

The least pure gold you will find is 10k and as you can guess, 24k is the purest.

The lesser gold products will often be alloyed with other metals that will completely change the overall look of the jewelry and its color, causing things like white gold or rose gold.

24k gold will be completely unique in this respect. It appears bright with a rich tinge of yellow and orange – which can be easily differentiated from lesser gold products.

Due to the fact that pure 24k gold will not be alloyed together with other metals, the jewelry product can be very fragile and can easily bend or receive scratches.

Therefore, they are not the right choice for something like an engagement ring or wedding ring. It is, however, used in decorative wedding jewelry in Singapore – which is common to see.

24k gold is an investor’s dream and they will buy 24k in bulk such as bullion and bars.

Purity Of 24K Gold

24k gold is 99%+ pure and contains no alloyed metal. There is certainly no gold purer than 24k.

If you compare 24k gold with the others, you can easily see the difference:

  • 18k = 75% pure
  • 14k = 58% pure
  • 10k = 41% pure

Just judging by these numbers, you can see the superiority of 24k gold.

Color And Appearance

As we’ve stated, 24k gold has a much more unique and independent appearance to it than the others, due to a lack of additional alloyed metal. When other metals are alloyed, they will affect the color.

For example, if you were to make rose gold – the gold will be alloyed with silver and copper.

These alloys will change the color to bring about the rose look. Similar results come by creating white gold.

The Price Of 24K Gold

The Price Of 24K Gold

It probably comes as no surprise that the more pure the item, the more it will cost. It is by far the most expensive gold on the market and that is for good reason.

Some vendors actually do not offer 24k gold as an option due to its price.

Additionally, as they aren’t as widely used for things like wedding rings or engagement rings – comparing the costs to other gold like 18k or 14k is much more difficult than you’d expect.

To summarize this, 24k gold is very costly but it is a case of getting what you pay for.

When Is 24K Gold The Right Choice?

We know that it’s unlikely to be the choice for wedding rings or engagement rings, but it is a great idea to purchase a 24k gold item as a wedding gift.

Other than as a gift, 24k gold can be purchased as a household, protected item of art – or maybe you just want to get into the investing world. Either way, 24k gold is difficult to beat.

Can I Wear 24K Everyday?

Of course, unless you have an allergy or skin condition. However, most people choose not to due to the fragility of 24k gold. This will be entirely up to you.

Does 24K Gold Stick To A Magnet? How Can I Tell Purity?

Pure gold will not stick to a magnet whatsoever. So, if you’re unsure whether you’ve got pure gold or alloyed gold, try the magnet trick.

Your best bet though is to ask an expert to assess your item and they will be able to determine its purity.


24K gold is the purest version of gold and is very expensive. It typically is not used for wedding jewelry and is a common investor choice.

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