What Is White Gold?

White gold is a variation of gold that consists of pure yellow gold that has been amalgamated with alloy metals that have a silvery-white coloration, usually palladium and silver.

Why Is White Gold Mixed With Other Metals?

If your jewellery is pure gold, it needs to be mixed with harder alloy metals in order to extend its durability and strengthen the gold itself. This is because gold is actually an incredibly soft metal so without the alloy additions, it can easily mould into a different shape which makes it unusable in jewellery.

This amalgamation applies regardless of whether the jewellery is crafted from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold because gold on it’s own is too soft regardless of the form that it takes. With regards to white gold, the silver alloy additions ensure that the desirable white coloration is created.

Asides from the alloys that are amalgamated with pure gold, white gold also contains a metal known as rhodium. This metal derives from the same family as platinum and adds a vast amount of durability to the gold itself.

It also gives white gold it’s infamous white sheen which makes this metal the perfect choice to coat and protect your beloved jewellery.

Why Does White Gold Eventually Become Similar To Yellow Gold?

Over a period of time, the rhodium that coats your white gold jewellery will become worn down and this will reveal the original yellow gold coloration that lies beneath.

This is a certainty over a period of time as the pH level of your skin can corrode the rhodium alongside any cleaning products that you use whilst wearing your white gold jewellery.

There are also environmental factors that can contribute to this change in color, the most notable of these would be pollution in an inner-city environment.

Luckily, these changes can be rectified by paying to get your jewellery re-coated with rhodium when needed. This process can be performed at the vast majority of jewellers and it is usually inexpensive.

Is White Gold Real?

white gold rings

Yes, despite the fact that it has been amalgamated with alloy metals, white gold is made from our gold. You’ll be able to verify this at your jewellers by checking the hallmark on the jewellery itself prior to purchasing.

A hallmark is a small symbol that is situated on the inside of your jewellery and it certifies its authenticity.

How To Determine How Much Pure Gold Is In Your White Gold Jewellery

Eternity rings will have many stones that have been set in a continuous line across the band of your ring. This makes them one of the most dazzlingly beautiful rings that you can buy.

However, the diamonds contained within these rings can also catch on things so you will need to avoid undertaking physically strenuous tasks whilst wearing a full eternity ring.

The gold content within any given piece of gold-based jewellery, irrespective of its color, is measured in ‘karats’.

Karat is most often expressed using the letter K. For instance, 9K or 18K gold. All 9K jewellery will use 37.5% pure gold in its composition. Whilst 18K gold usually contains 75% pure gold.

The larger the weight of the karat, the more expensive the jewellery as there is obviously a higher quantity of gold present.

Pros & Cons Of White Gold


  • White gold is the ideal choice for those who prefer a silvery appearance as opposed to yellow gold jewellery and it usually looks more classy.
  • It’s neural coloring and distinctive durability means that it is the perfect setting for the vast majority of gemstones. It has a classic design that is suited to the vast majority of events and occasions.
  • White gold is a stunning, precious metal and it has a similar appearance to silver or platinum with a more affordable cost. It is also far more durable than silver.


  • Over a period of time, these re-coatings will add to the cost of your jewellery and you should bear this in mind when purchasing any white gold item.
  • Because white gold is made from an amalgamation of pure yellow gold and alloys, it will definitely need recoating over a period of time in order to retain its color.
  • Although this is an easy process and is usually inexpensive, it means that you will lack your ring for days at a time whilst it is repaired.

To conclude, white gold is made from pure gold that has been amalgamated with an alloy metal and coated with rhodium. It is a beautiful form of gold with lasting durability. However, it will need to be maintained in order to keep its distinctive appearance.

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