What Is 916 Gold?

Gold is undoubtedly a precious metal and as a result of its value, it is commonly and easily adulterated and commodified. Therefore, it is important to clarify the purity of gold as it can easily become altered without anyone noticing.

Gold purity is often based on a specific set of standards that enable us to distinguish pure gold from impure gold.

916 gold signifies the percentage of pure gold that is present within the alloy that has been used to make the jewellery.

The number 916 states that there is 91.6% pure gold contained in the alloy. There is no difference between 916 gold and 22 karat gold as both of these have a percentage of 91.6% gold.

In jewellery making, the 22 karat gold is considered as the perfect proportion because gold is a softer metal with a lower durability and it therefore needs to be amalgamated with an alloy in order to be maintained.

The purest form of gold is 24K but this gold is often purchased as an investment due to the soft quality.

What Is A Hallmark?

Hallmarking signifies the process of certification. A hallmark clarifies the purity of the gold that has been used and the hallmarking of gold is usually done by a governing body within the relevant country.

Hallmarking provides assurance of the authenticity of the gold and customers should remain vigilant when purchasing jewellery and always check the hallmark on the piece that they are purchasing.

916 Gold jewellery will always be hallmarked as this is the purest form of gold that can be used in jewellery whilst maintaining the durability of the jewellery itself.

What Is 916 Gold

Purity Standards

Customers can often be cheated with impure gold that is sold at a high price. Due to this, many governments will mandate the selling of hallmarked gold.

However, it is still difficult for customers to know the standards that the gold has been hallmarked against and therefore, there are key details that you should assess when purchasing gold jewellery.

You should clarify the purity in karat and fineness (whether it is 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K), the hallmarking centre and the identification number for the jeweller itself. The karat number will give you an indication of the purity of the gold and the purest form of gold is considered to be 24 Karats.

In jewellery making, 22K gold is usually used as 24K gold is far too soft to implement details. Therefore 916 gold or 22 Karat gold is typically the purest form of gold that you will be able to purchase in the form of jewellery, unless you are investing in an investment piece.

Alloy metals like silver and zinc are often alloyed with gold in order to alternate the percentage of gold within the piece and enhance the durability of the product itself.

The jeweller’s specific identification mark is also often included as this is usually required for the piece to be hallmarked in most countries. However, this is not always the case.

To conclude, 916 gold indicates that a product contains 91.6% pure gold which is directly equivalent to 22 Karats. A piece of 916 gold jewellery will be hallmarked as such in order to distinguish its authenticity.

916 gold is considered to be the purest form of gold that you can purchase and you should always check the hallmark on a piece of jewellery that has been advertised to you as 916 gold.

There is no difference between 22 Karat gold and 916 gold as both indicate the percentage of pure gold that is contained within any piece of gold jewellery.

You should always ensure that you are not being falsely sold an item that doesn’t contain the percentage of gold required to be classified as 916 gold.

Hallmarking protects the authenticity of 916 gold and you should therefore thoroughly check your jewellery prior to making any purchase in order to distinguish this specific hallmarking.

The vast majority of jewellers will also need to include their identification mark in order to hallmark the product in the first place, however, the 916 gold mark itself is what you should definitely seek out when analyzing a piece of gold jewellery and this is a key factor to determine whether the jewellery legitimately contains the purity of gold that is required to be classified as 916 gold.

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