What Is Rose Gold?

Rose gold has become incredibly popular over the last decade or so.

It has completely changed its perception in the public eye from the original days when it was seen as an unpopular color and therefore unchosen.

In the below guide, we’re going to explore rose gold, including its make-up, its popularity, and how it fares against other golds.

What Is Rose Gold Made Of Exactly?

Rose gold metal is a type of gold alloy that is an amalgamation of other metals and pure gold. This is the same sort of make-up as white gold or other golds of this kind.

It is a mixture of copper and silver alloys with pure gold which assists in giving it its rose gold color. Effectively, rose gold is a real metal – but it is not 100% pure gold.

When we are comparing rose gold to white and yellow gold, rose gold has much more pure gold in its makeup of it.

Usually over 20% more pure gold is used in rose gold than in white or yellow gold.

If you have a 9k rose gold item, you’ll notice the color is far more red or pink than its 18k counterpart which appears much more yellow. This is interesting because the less pure the item is, the more it links to its own name – as a result, the 9k item is more popular.

It was an incredibly popular jewelry item in the 19th century in Russia. In fact, in the 1920s, it became known as Russian gold and the creator of Faberge eggs used the metal to create the highly recognized eggs.

After its rise, it then suffered a setback in its popularity. However, it is now seeing a renaissance in popularity again. Due to its cheaper price than some other, more pure gold items – it is sometimes the item of choice.

Does Rose Gold Tarnish?

This is another reason for its popularity. Unlike pure 24k gold, rose gold is nowhere close to being as fragile.

It will not exactly tarnish or break, but over many years of wearing it – you may notice a slight difference in color. This is simply because the copper within the alloy alters its color over many years, but it is not so bad as to panic.

It, therefore, is fast becoming the metal of choice for engagement rings and wedding rings.

Due to its unique and pretty color, it is seen as a romantic type of jewelry with connotations of love and beauty.

It is a very durable metal that does not need additional plates or extra protection that other metals may. Even though it won’t tarnish though, it’s important to keep the item you’re buying clean and polished to avoid making it look less than normal.

It’s worth speaking with a jeweler to assess the best way to keep your rose gold products clean and shiny and prolong its life as much as possible.

Is Rose Gold Costly?

Rose gold, as we have said, is a more popular choice among some people due to the fact it is more affordable than 24k gold.

However, it will depend on the amount of gold used, which is to be expected. Other factors on the price will be the age and where you are deciding to purchase the rose gold item from.

For example, things as basic as delivery might put a huge increase on the product for things like insurance.

Why Exactly Is It Called Rose Gold?

Why Exactly Is It Called Rose Gold

Upon creation, the alloy mixture gives it a pinkish hue which is why people refer to it as rose or pink gold – simply due to its appearance.

However, many people believe there is more to it than that. Among some spiritual beliefs, there is the school of thought that suggests that certain metals represent certain things.

For example, white gold is the symbol of friendship or purity.

Therefore, you may have heard of things called “friendship rings”.

The yellow gold products often symbolize faithfulness and therefore married couples might decide to offer one another yellow gold through a wedding ring.

Finally, rose gold symbolizes love and romance. Therefore, it is of little surprise that someone might propose using a rose gold ring to symbolize their love and adoration of the person they are proposing to.

Can I Get Rose Gold Rings Resized?

You can certainly get them resized by expert jewelers. If this is what you’re looking for, consider looking for your local jewelry store or search online for services.


Rose gold is a very popular metal and it is getting increasingly more popular, due to its look, durability, and price tag.

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